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GC Ahmischi Acka's Lil' Tonka


*Sire scanned PKD Neg. & Dam DNA PKD Negative*

Tonka received the following awards during his show career:
*Great Lakes Region's 2nd Best Blue Persian 2004-2005*
*Great Lakes Region's BEST Solid Persian 2005-2006*
*Great Lakes Region's BEST Blue Persian 2005-2006*

Sire: GC Harborhill Acka von Capeney Keyse of Ahmischi
Ahmischi's Lil' Squeaker

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Tonka is a massive, large-boned boy with a big, thick coat to match! He has large, expressive eyes & a nice, smooth head. He is one of the most sweetest boys around. He has a nice even color to his blue coat. We are sure Tonka could have been a Regional Winner, but due to circumstances in 2005, his show career came to a halt. He held his own for a while until towards the end of the season. Tonka received Best Solid & Best Blue though for the 05-06 season!

GC Ahmischi's Limited Edition


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*DNA PKD Negative*

Eddie received the following award during his show career:
*North Atlantic Region's BEST Black Persian 2004-2005*

Sire: GC, RW Ahmischi's Sunny Delite
Ahmischi's Classified

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Eddie granded on October 20th, 2007 with
points to spare! Eddie attained most of his points early on, and then he stayed home for a while. He became a grand at just over 4 years of age! We look forward to getting some lovely babies from him now. He is a very short, cobby
boy with big, coppery eyes and has a deep black
coat and smooth head. He loves to knead on
you and is such a sweet boy!

CH Ahmischi's Wizard-Of-Oddz

Odd-Eyed White

*DNA PKD Negative Parents/Grandparents*

Sire: CH Ahmischi's White Out
GC Ahmischi's Who's Your Daddy?

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Wiz is a happy, sweet boy with really nice boning and a cute expression. We were very excited
when he was born, as he is our very first
Odd-Eyed White! He has a very nice round,
smooth head with very good doming, nice eye
color contrast & depth, and a short cobby body.

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