These are our cats & kittens that we are currently showing!
Please enjoy photos taken at recent & current shows!
Maybe we'll see you at a show soon!

Buffalo Cat Fanciers - DePew, NY
November 28-29, 2009

DeMiara Cry Baby of Ahmischi becomes a new Grand Premier!!!!! Hurray!!!
Thanks, Sally for these 2 great photos!

Ahmischi's Reese's Pieces, lovingly owned & shown by Doug Beaver, becomes a Champion!
Thanks, Sally for the top photo. Next photo we took with the pretty Christmas decorations!

Hallmark Cat Club - Brockport, NY
October 24-25, 2009

Minnie shows off her best Tinkerbell impression for the costume contest! She also picked up a few grand points.

Cry Baby made some more finals! Only EIGHT more points to grand!!!

Our Halloween decorations!

National Siamese Cat Club - Rochester, NY
October 17-18, 2009

Cry Baby picks up some more grand points in a couple finals!

Minnie gets her Championship....

Salt City Cat Club - Cortland, NY
September 26-27, 2009

Cry Baby does fantastic at her first show as a Premier! She earned almost half of her grand points!
In finals she was 2nd Best LH PR; 2nd Best LH PR & 2nd Best AB PR; and BEST LH PR, BEST AB PR & 7th Best Cat!!!

Minnie being judged in kitten class....and having lots of fun!

Monroe Shorthair Cat Club & Hallmark Cat Club - Brockport, NY
August 16, 2009

Faith comes home a NEW GRAND CHAMPION!!!!!
She finished with one point to spare! Hurray!

Ahmischi's Tiny Dancer, "Minnie", also came along for fun, this was her first show! She is 5 months old.

And Cry Baby came out to her very first show at 6 1/2 years old!! She was an Open, and is now a Premier!

Copper City Cat Club - Cortland, NY
April 11, 2009

Faith picks up 30 points towards her grand! Just 19 more to go!!

Educated Guess Cat Fanciers - Lockport, NY
January 3-4, 2009

First show of the new year!
Faith picked up some more grand points with Gene Darrah! She was his BEST LH CH and BEST AB CH!!!
She is now up to 147 points! Only 53 more to go!
Some photos of Faith & Kirara at the show....

Buffalo Cat Fanciers - DePew, NY
November 29-30, 2008

Ahmischi's I Loved Her First is now a Champion! She took BEST of Breed in a lovely class
of 3 CH's & 2 GC's in her first ring! She was called back to a final and was Jeri Zottoli's 10th Best AB Cat!! Yay!
CH Celebrities' Faith Hill of Ahmischi was Best CH in 6 rings and was called back to Roger Lawrence's final.
She was 3rd Best LH CH! We are now past the half-way mark to her Grand title!
Ahmischi's Kirara also pulled in a final & was 10th Best AB Kitten in Roger Lawrence's final!
Be on the lookout for her soon in the adult class!

Faith in Roger's final & Halle in Jeri's final.....

Kirara in Roger's final....

Wiz & Reese's were also at the show....Reese's was lovingly shown by Doug Beaver.
She is now at home with him & the family!

Butler Cat Fanciers - Butler, PA
November 1-2, 2008

CH Celebrities' Faith Hill of Ahmischi making another final!
She was Gene Darrah's BEST LH CH & 2nd Best AB CH!
She is now half-way to her grand title!

Ahmischi's Kirara makes her first final! She was David Mare's 4th Best AB Kitten!
Thank-you, David for your kind words about our girl!

Hallmark Cat Club - Brockport, NY
October 25-26, 2008

CH Celebrities' Faith Hill of Ahmischi collecting more grand points in Walter Hutzler's final, & some Halloween fun!

CFA-Iams Championship - New York City, NY
October 18-19, 2008

Our first time in the big city! The show was held at Madison Square Gardens.
CH Celebrities' Faith Hill of Ahmischi was 2nd Best of Breed over another himmy Grand Champion
in 2 rings, and was also called back to 2 other finals!! Many thanks to Liz Watson & Walter Hutzler!

Ahmischi's Wizard-Of-Oddz being judged by Walter Hutzler.

Salt City Cat Club - Syracuse, NY
September 27-28, 2008

Ahmischi's Reese's Pieces being judged, photos by Kathy DePietro. Faith also picked up grand points too!

Monroe SH Club - Brockport, NY
August 17, 2008

Ahmischi's I Loved Her First attending her first kitten show.

The 3 girls together - Halle, Reese's Pieces, & Kirara. Their very first show!


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