Our Grand Parade!!
Ahmischi is proud to have produced 7 homebred Grand Champions, 2 Grand Premiers,
and 4 Regional Winners, among earning many Regional Color/Breed Awards & 1 National Color Award!
We are very proud of all of our cats, no matter what titles they may hold.
Following below is all of our Grand title holders/award winners in the order they received them:

GC Mollycoddled Bojangles of Ahmischi
Blue Lynx Point Male

*You can see a tribute to Bo on our memorial page.*

Our very first cat we granded on our own was this beautiful Blue Lynx Point Himalayan.
He was bred by Kevin & Kristi Pfister. Thank-you for this wonderful opportunity & for my start with
lynx points! He made a tremendous impact on my breeding program. Those tiny 'mouse ears', super sweet
expression, wonderful personality, & overall great type and head structure
.....he consistently
passed these attributes on. He is sorely missed.

Not only was Bo our first Grand, but he also earned our first Regional Awards:

Atlantic Himalayan Club's 23rd Best Himalayan Nationally 1998-1999
Great Lakes Region 2nd Best of Color 1998-1999
Great Lakes Region 3rd Best of Breed 1999-2000

GC Ahmischi Good-N-Plenty
Black Female

Good was our very first HOMEBRED Grand Champion!!!
She was born in September 1996 & should have granded much sooner, but motherhood was calling
and she was having many heat cycles. She had obtained more than a quarter of her grand points when we
decided to let her have some kittens. She came back out to the show world in full force in 2000 when she
finished her grand! Also, at one show as s a kitten, Good took BEST Kitten in every final & one 3rd Best
Kitten where she would become highest scoring kitten in show!!

Good earned the following award:
Great Lakes Region 2nd Best of Color 2000-2001

GC, RW Ahmischi's Two Tear Drops
Tortie Point Female

Tootsie became our 2nd Homebred Grand, and our first Homebred Himalayan Grand!!
And to top it all off, she is our very first Regional Winner!!!
She also earned a couple of BEST Cats in the finals, too!
We love you Tootsie!!

Sadly, Tootsie crossed the Rainbow Bridge November 16, 2006.....view her memorial page.

Tootsie earned the following awards:
Great Lakes Region 2nd Best of Breed 2000-2001
Great Lakes Region BEST of Color
Atlantic Himalayan Club's 14th Best Himalayan Nationally 2000-2001
Great Lakes Region BEST of Color
Great Lakes Region BEST of Breed 2001-2002
Great Lakes Region 10th Best Cat 2001-2002
Atlantic Himalayan Club's 7th Best Himalayan Nationally 2001-2002

GP, RW Ahmischi's Ying Yang
Black & White Neutered Male
*~*3-Show Grand!!*~*

Yingy was next to become our first altered Grand. He was one of the most fun cats to show!
He achieved many BEST Cats in the finals & was also Highest Scoring Premier in show a couple times,
and once tied with another cat for Best In Show!! Yingy was a 3 show Grand, and at his last show
earned 88 points, which would have made him a one show grand! So close!
He went on to become one of our next Regional Winners!!

Yingy's award:
Great Lakes Region 13th Best Cat 2002-2003

GC, RW Ahmischi's Sunny Delite
Red McTabby & White Male

Sunny was the next to Grand after Yingy. In 2 shows he picked up over 100 points at each, and would have been a 2 show grand! He granded quickly though in 5 shows, and even made a BEST Cat as a Champion!! We
were thrilled! Sunny had the pleasure of campaigning along with his buddy Yingy for a Regional Win!

Sunny's awards:
Great Lakes Region 2nd Best of Breed 2002-2003
Great Lakes Region BEST of Color 2002-2003
Great Lakes Region 25th Best Cat 2002-2003

GC Purrty Katz Butterfly Kisses of Ahmischi
Tortoiseshell Female

Before we got Kisses, she had already attained some of her grand points. She went on to
have some babies with us, and we always felt she deserved to go back out to try for her
grand title. Plus, she always stayed in such wonderful condition! We took her back out
when she was about 5 years old & she earned her grand title!!

Kisses' awards:
Great Lakes Region 2nd Best of Color 2002-2003
Great Lakes Region 2nd Best of Breed 2002-2003

GC Ahmischi's I.C. Diamonds
C.E. White Female
*~*3-Show Grand!!*~*

Icy had a wonderful kitten career making lots of finals, including some BEST Kittens, even finaling
as an Open! She was a fast Grand, granding in just 3 shows!! She was our first 3 show Grand Champion!
Icy just missed a Regional Win by about 20 points!
She went on to become our first National Award winner!!

Icy's awards:
Great Lakes Region 3rd Best of Breed 2004-2005
Great Lakes Region BEST of Color 2004-2005
CFA's BEST of Color Nationally 2004-2005

GC Ahmischi's Who's Your Daddy?
Dilute Calico Female

Dixie was a fun girl to show! She finished her grand just a month after Icy, which
made her our 6th Homebred Grand! Dixie was named after the Toby Keith song, and got her call
name from the Dixie Chicks. Her 1/2 brother competing beside her in kitten class was named
after a Dixie Chicks song, and nicknamed after Toby Keith!

Dixie's awards:
Great Lakes Region 2nd Best of Color 2003-2004

GC Ahmischi Acka's Lil Tonka
Blue Male

Tonka was well on his way to a Regional Win, but unfortunately his show career came to a halt due to
a tragic family event. He is named for his beautiful dad, Acka, and because he is built like a Tonka truck,
just like his dad was! He had a great kitten career, competing along side his sister, Icy.
He granded just a month after Dixie.....it was very exciting, we had 3 Grands in 3 months!

Tonka's awards:
Great Lakes Region 2nd Best of Color 2004-2005
Great Lakes Region BEST of Color 2005-2006
Great Lakes Region BEST of Breed 2005-2006

GP, RW Ahmischi's Inky Dinky Do
Black Neutered Male
*~*2-Show Grand!!*~*

Yeah!! Inky is our newest Regional Winner!!! He is also our very first 2 show Grand!!!
Inky was shown a couple of times as a kitten & pulled in some finals.
He was brought back out at just over 3 years of age in Premiership, where he finaled as an Open!!
Inky earned a Regional Win while only competing in 8 shows as a Grand! He took several BEST
Cats & was highest scoring Premiership cat in show twice! We're so proud of you, Inky!

GC Ahmischi's Limited Edition
Black Male

Eddie was lovingly owned & shown by Allyn Madore of Catnip Kids. He obtained most of his grand points
with her & produced some lovely babies for her. Eddie is now back home with us and we brought him
back to the shows. He is our NEW GRAND! Eddie granded October 20, 2007. He came into the
show only needing 5 points, and came out over the top when he made a final as BEST LH CH
and 2nd Best AB CH!! Way to go, Eddie!! He competed as a Grand on the following day
and finished off by making 2 more finals!

Eddie earned the following award with Allyn:
North Atlantic Region BEST of Color 2004-2005

GC Celebrities' Faith Hill of Ahmischi
Blue-Cream Point Female

We are so thrilled that Faith earned the GC title! We always knew this girl was special!
She granded on August 16, 2009 in Brockport, NY! We really wanted to be able to do this for her breeder, Sheri Phillips & her husband Dennis, as she would be their first whole Grand Champion!!
We are so happy for them, and are so grateful to them for allowing Faith to share our home & lives!
She was so fun to show, it's hard to believe it's over! Many, many thanks to Sheri & Denny, and to
those who supported Faith during her show career!! We look forward to what she will add to our lines!

GP DeMiara Cry Baby of Ahmischi
"Cry Baby" or "Cryers"
Tortie Point Female

What a sweet, wonderful cat this girl is.....loves to lick you & stand on her hind legs to put her front paws
on your legs like a dog! She loves everybody and has such a cute, sad look to her face! We can't thank
Debi Cotton of Co-Bridge cattery enough for sending Cry Baby to us! Our original plans were to show this
girl in Championship, but circumstances led to her spay & she was too nice not to show. So at 6 1/2 years
old she hit the shows for the very first time!! She took to it like a pro! She was a fast grand, granding in
just 4 shows! She is a large girl with big boning, large expressive eyes with lovely blue eye color, and
a great body with wonderful light coat! We are very honored to be able to own a DeMiara cat. Cry Baby
makes Grand #77 for the DeMiara cattery, her breeder Barbara Norris-Eckerle can be very proud!!!

***Honorable Mentions***

We'd like to mention a few kitties that have also earned Regional Awards & some that are close to Granding.

CH Ahmischi's Dream Catcher
Cream Point Male

DC is a lovely boy with great type & personality!!
He has 175 grand points!!

DC's award:
Great Lakes Region 2nd Best of Color 2002-2003

Ahmischi's Painted Lady of Purrty Katz
Calico Female

Lady deserves an honorable mention here because she consistently produced beautiful babies, and went
on to produce 4 Grands, lacking only 1 from earning the coveted DM Award!!
Thank-you to Brian Gravett for loving her so much!
She produced:

GC Purrty Katz Pop A Top Again (just missed a RW in Kitten class & Championship!)
GC, RW Purrty Katz This Kiss (sister to 'Poppy')
GP, RW Purrty Katz Ring-Of-Fire of Kelso
CH, GP, RW Purrty Katz Alabama of D'Elo

CH Shedan's Rum Swizzle of Ahmischi
Brown Tabby CPC Male

Rum has 68 grand points.

Rum earned the following award:
Great Lakes Region 2nd Best of Color 1997-1998

CH Purrty Katz Thunder Rolls of Ahmischi
Red & White Male

Garth has 92 grand points!

Garth earned the following award:
Great Lakes Region BEST of Color 1999-2000

CH Shedan Sweet Music of Ahmischi
Dilute Calico Female

Taffy is a cute little girl, and was fun to show. She earned 37 grand points.

Taffy's awards:
Great Lakes Region 2nd Best of Color 1996-1997



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